Vapiano Hauptbahnhof, Hannover

The Imperial Hall in Hannover's main train station was successfully converted into a Vapiano restaurant, overcoming significant challenges in the process. Dealing with the historical structure was one of the biggest tasks. To redesign the hall according to the restaurant's requirements, substantial interventions in the building's shell were necessary. Previous expansion work from past eras had to be carefully dismantled to make room for the new floor ceiling.

Another challenge was carrying out the renovation during ongoing station operations. This required precise planning and coordination to ensure the smooth running of the station while simultaneously advancing the construction work. Appropriate safety measures had to be taken to protect both construction workers and travelers.

The conversion of the Imperial Hall into a Vapiano restaurant is a successful example of combining historical heritage with modern use. Through careful planning and implementation, the architectural treasures could be preserved while meeting the needs of the restaurant. The result is a unique gastronomic space that not only serves its new purpose but also preserves and showcases the historical significance of the location.