Dorotheenstraße 5A, Hannover

The renovation of a high-rise building with an exposed aggregate concrete facade from 1968 and an aluminum facade from the 1990s posed particular challenges.

A comprehensive fire protection renovation was carried out with the retrofitting of a compressed air system to meet modern standards. At the same time, the focus was on maximum reuse of construction elements. Innovative financing and funding from Nbank and KFW made the project possible.

The aluminum facade and substructure were reused through intelligent logistical planning. An on-site production line facilitated the efficient renovation and addition of aluminum elements through short distances. Cost control was essential, as this was subsidized student housing.

Through careful planning and intelligent financing, the renovation was successfully completed. The result is a KFW 55 modernized building that meets current fire protection regulations, fulfills the needs of students, and cost-effectively reuses materials.