Rittergut Langreder

Kapellenstraße 2, Barsinghausen Langreder

Within the Langreder estate of the von Ilten family, there is the estate mill, dating back to 1600. The renovation of this historic building was extremely demanding. Numerous renovations in more recent times had significantly compromised the building's structure. In particular, a heavy roof made of Solling slabs had statically damaged the old roof structure. Additionally, much of the wood was damaged and affected by pest infestation. For these reasons, the roof had to be completely renewed.

The careful and high-quality renovation of the interior has created a unique living environment that stylishly combines modernity with historical quality. Care was taken to preserve the charm and historical features of the building. The renovation is a successful example of how contemporary living requirements can be harmonized with the preservation of cultural heritage. Through careful planning and execution, a living space has been created that reflects both modern comfort and the historical character of the building.