Klein Buchholzer Straße 76, Hannover

This unique multi-family house impresses with its confident appearance and extraordinary design in both form and choice of materials. From the street side, it appears strict and protective, with a special gesture of affection and openness under the shelter of a large tree canopy.

On the garden side, however, the building expressively embraces the surrounding nature. Terracing creates a connection to the garden, the large trees, and the further green surroundings. The floor plans of the house are special and harmonize with the unique metal facade, which is adorned with stainless steel bands and glass railings. This gives the building a distinctive overall impression and reflects light and space in a special way. At the same time, the building maintains a distance from all the existing trees, preserving them.

With this extraordinary new construction, architecture has been created that not only fulfills functional aspects but also captivates with its aesthetic appeal and harmonious integration into the surroundings. The building sets a confident accent and skillfully combines materials, forms, and the natural environment into a cohesive whole./p>