L'Osteria Vahrenwalder Straße

Vahrenwalder Str. 269, Hannover

The transformer station, which was built in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1950s, underwent a careful renovation. The entire interior was completely demolished and the outer shell was secured by a robust steel framework. New ceilings were installed to make optimal use of the space. This renovation represented the last opportunity to give the building a new life cycle, as demolition was initially planned.

Through exceptional imagination, diverse ideas, and high technical competence, the building was saved. On the ground floor, a special restaurant called "Losteria" was established. Building elements from demolished historical buildings were integrated into the new design. Special attention was paid to the highest quality and an elegantly detailed facade and windows to give the building an appealing aesthetic.

At the same time, the salts present in the walls posed a particular technical challenge. It was necessary to ensure that these salts did not lead to unwanted efflorescence. Thanks to special expertise, this problem was solved by treating the salts in a controlled manner and minimizing their effects on the surfaces.

The conversion of the former transformer station into an attractive gastronomy, boutique office, and event space with a large terrace was a complete success. Thanks to the careful renovation and the integration of historical elements, the building gained a unique charm. It now offers an attractive space for various activities and contributes to preserving the architectural heritage while connecting it with modern usage concepts.